Monday, 11 February 2019

Nuclear winter

like a dead tokchi lake
shocked and injured
like a fish without the water
shocked and injured
like a birds without a feather
pushed by the wind, journey with a story.   

*like a dead tokchi lake
i was born/made for the peaks of the himalayas
for a temperature of zero degrees celsius or less
i was surviving with fewer resources
but because of your profit,your waste-business
toxic chemicals-toxic waste-and climate change
now discovered my himalayas is registered in someone else's and why
that goes to prove you all (son of a gun)'re only able to make damage
and now you expect us to clean up the mess.
i demand you to make my himalayas alive again.

*like a fish without the water
a round trip 'okay.ok' this is a necessary evil
he call himself the captain jack sparrow
he fears that the compass might fall into the wrong hands
question arise-who sold his compass?,
moving without compass, roving without GPS
tell me where are you taking us.

*like a birds without a feather
the 21st century, flooded with challenges from/to society
 who cares?
pilot guided the plane but who is guiding the runway lights.
they act like they don't care but possibility is they don't know/understand ;
like a period of regency from the Namgyal Dynasty.

like bat telling this stories to rats with title and subtitle
earth has changed
like a dead tokchi lake
like a fish without the clean water
like a birds without a feather
earth has changed
has become a regular market

there's no smoke without fire
 'you have become an acid'
take a look at the mirror of karma
you have created a lot of pollution
plus your false proud-loud noise,so unpleasant

like bat itself telling these rats,some interesting facts
that 'bat' actually are the only mammals that can fly(without an airplane) naturally.
shocked but uninjured
loner- doing things on my own
owner- own supporter
who are rats. who bats.
who are ants. whose pants
"who knows?".
everything is debatable like a nuclear winter.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Kasley Bhanyo. - bhannai parney kura. samai ko maang hola.

nani lai khelna ra mithai baye pugcha, jawan lai paisa-raksi ra boksi, budo lai izzat ra shanti
yo bichma aru dherai kura huncha rey, banta talai chaheko kay.
' ta jastai cha charai tira', bujdaina ni sathi kasailey
aaru ko galti mukh chardai
bannu aagari please pahila aafailai herday.
atleast aafailai sudhara, facebook anta aaru tira gyan-gyani kura share garera
aafnu behura chai kukur ko jastai bayo bhaney, k sachai faida huncha ra?

yo testo ho tyo testo ho, please malai nasuna
ho, ta jastai tesley pani talai tei bancha, laa aabo ko sacho ho banta?
aafno gau ko jamin tyagera, gangtok ma ghar banayera
samaj ko barey ma sojda hudaina ni sathi
ramro ho sochnu. tara banauney belama mindhu, khaney belama takka aaipugcha
dhamas pitcha ' din hos ya rathi.
samaj esto ho samaj testo ho, nadati banta khasma talai chaheko kay
samaj banauna ho ki aafulai banauna?
sabai joker lai hiro hunu parney 'hawagiri". ta jastai gangtok ma ghar ma pani banaunu sakchu
dimag ma gyan mindhu, aajai ta padeko bha k-k garthey harey
napadi ta eti bayankar, aajai padeko bhata joker ko darshan pani pauthey na hola
napadi ta hepnu sakney lai sanno hepcha, padeko bhata hami lai k-k garthyo hola
kam garnu ta kata ho kata, mukh parkaunu matra
tailey bolnu paucha bhaney mailey pani bolnu paucha
yadi talai lagcha tesley galti gareyko cha bhaney, tesailai gayera shuna.

aat cha- gyan cha- aafu sacho cha bhaney usailai gayera bhannu
ta pani dhongi nai ho, ma tero kura kina sunnu
dukha ma bagwan samjincha
hirda larda ' mumma' - 'papa' bancha
aadhyaro ma buut ko darley ' om maney padmey hum rey' bandai hincha
aaru ko dukha parda sagaunu mindhu
yo joker, aafailai parda samaj-samaj bandhai hincha,

kasley banyo sabai sherpa ramro huncha bhaneyra
kasley banyo sabai garib ramro huncha bhaneyra
dhatna- chalna- lutna- aaris garna ta  tailey pani sikey ko cha
tara jaba important call aaucha, ma pani saath diula
mero thau mero samaj ko lagi ma merai tarika ley garaula
mailey jei garey pani sabai aauney nani ko lagi, sabhai immandari ley jeuney haru ko lagi,
aajai bancha, dhani ko ma huda sabai pugcha, garib ko ma huda koi aaudaina ( kasley banyo sabhai dhani naramro huncha bhanera)
la thik cha mo tasanga chu yesma . tara herdai jada dhani ko ghar ma sabbai bhandha aagari pugney tai mula
last ma mo po etta na utta to dhongi ley garda. tara thikai cha
mo lardai-hardai-jitdai baye pani compete garna sakchu, to sakchas?

tero saab prashna ko jawab cha ma sanga ' sunney ho ra? aaha sakdaina hola.'
tara to jasto lai bhanera k faida hola.
parivartan- parivartan bandhai hircha yo mula
last ma yo bata jitera tyo ma parivartan huncha yo mula
thikai ho samai badleko cha, tara k tero parivartan ko defination badleyko cha
chor-chor bhandai hincha, ramro sanga herta dokan-wala, luga-wala dekhi liyera auta-wala 'office-wala' sabai ley chorcha
feri kina mantri lai matra. tesailey paila aafailai herla
yo testo ho- tyo testo ho, hardai jada yo-tyo ko ma sabai bandha aagari pugney tai mula
aajai bancha ma k-k garthey padeko bha "garthis napera"
ta jastai lai kanun ra sambhidhan bhanaunu diye bhaney ta aabhui 'malai dar lagcha'.

pheri yo mula bancha, ailey padney thorai chaina padera k faida
ta jasto mula 'tuppo na fethko' pani thorai chaina. jawab bujyo bhaney 'aabo' bandh gar tero hawa ko kura
aajai bujena bhaney ma kura lai alik tankaula
pahila aalu-makkai-alaichi kasley besi falauney tesma hunthyo competition
tya bata tyo sarey ra padai pati aayo ( yasko matlab pahila ko harayo bhanney hoina, pahila padai thiyena bhanney hoina)
aahiley competition ka cha-tha cha, ki ta tesko pin chatera kaam ma lagney, gau ma aaayera daatney
ki ta gaadi kinera kudauney, yo saab garnu sajilo cha ni ta (yo bitra aaru dherai kura huncha)
anta aabo yo ka aaudaicha tha cha, sabai joker politician hunu khojdaicha
aabo tero po tyo kursi khatra ma cha. tha cha competition ya hudaicha
aaja pani tyo purano-naya ma jasley mehnat garcha, malai lagcha teslay faal paucha
koi-koi bela k-k huna sakcha, sath-sathai dhongi pani huna sakcha.
kura bujena, mero ma aaunu,
chitta bujena, padera k faida bhanney haru aafno chora-chori lai naparaunu. saki gayo ta kura anta.

mero chyoma bancha yo mula, hamro neta ley yo bhai haru ko lagi k garideyena
tara tyo neta ko ma sabai bhanda aagari pugney toi mula,
sachi nadati banta, tyo neta sanga aafnu faida bahek gaauko bhai haru ko barema kura garis 'naapera'
hijo-aaju-bholi, herdai jau samai ko kamal,
gardai jau mehnat, hardai jau mehnat ko faal
aahiley garna sakchu ma pani ta jastai, tara nagarney
mo aako bhela, ta chup- chap ley baato chorney.
hawa ko kura bandh garr dey

kasto sunyo, aafno barema sundha ' man padyo'
kasto lagyo, sacho sunndha ' manma lagyo
mo jawab dinchu mero chewma aija bhan tyaslai, jasley k-k banyo.
mero naramro j-j cha malai nai bhan bannu, kura garum, mero ya tero ma k-k kamjori cha kura garera herum
ta jastai j-pai-tai ma pani bolna sakchu, banta mero bharey k - kasley bhanyo.

*__jhataro__* satya tito kasari bo. tharo satya yo ho.

truth is ugly, double trouble for many
about doubt-all having doubt about truth,
so, without a doubt 'the future of the truth is in doubt'
may be truth is ill and calling for care
if not, tell him to come back soon
we need him here.
think of the concept of endless supply of knots
profits have doubled, some going through the double doors
without any delay,
profits have doubled, they laugh at every joke
without any knowledge,
i may not win against popular perception, lags political developments
less congestion, smoke you Sikkim Sherpa United Front
profits have doubled, some doing the envelope calculations
i paid triple for those policy and its implementation
that profits is risked, please check in human capital 'our health and education'
equitable distriution
look again, make certain it is not the wrong road, wrong way down
many selfish and worthless is sucking every drop of benefits
from that sarkari financial pipe
you people are the real enemy and it is you to blame
you work-poor and earn-rich
with much confidence i say, we work-rich and earn-poor
you the lie-maker making lie and shit
worst seller selling dongi shit
DSA is the painkiller, so beware! you SSUF is no longer of interest
how about this ' anyone can kill hailey or kelly, when you have machine gun
it's normal to feel a little dry under the blue sky
what would you do if someone have twisted you and leave you out to dry
they never participate for a bigger cause, yet they are the first to eat benefits
how much time i spent preparing this under this mountain's snow-white peak.
the dark ages,
correct, you have information but that's out-of-date
the series of changes
and i hit the performance of words of a situation
you called this invented story
it's the same old story-our in-built disadvantage.
hi, how's tricks,eh?
i know things are sensitive,things are difficult
look, i told you not to make that same mistake, now you look like a joke
you tricked the old, even the devil will spit on your soul that you're trying to sold.
can i help you?
umm the system is failing, and your explanations is unconvincing
just wait,let me check..
the valve in your heart is not working
so-called elite but corrupt has led this place to bleed
best educated with openness from both sides in this trouble zone
is what we need to succeed
they are playing the blame game
many thing was/is wrong, you take the blame for it
it's depressing to see many different colour, competition for power
we need a machine to crush them into powder
to make the situation better
you_ walk on water and next is probably air'
gradually, you using political trickery
i'm swimming on and under the water
gradually,i might kill myself,
it is necessary for life
yes. i have a lot of improvements to make
a knock-down-drag-out fight will continues
for some it makes no sense
you dongi' you badly need a rest from all this
you hungry' made from a factory of wanna-be jokers politician
you will flee; who will be responsible for bad future events
i have a question for the e-platform
why you hold that single opinion that he has a vision (little tunnel vision)
just pleasing everyone, power-hungry politicians
just one-way ticket to some unpleasant situation.
am i right in thinking
it's depressing
tell me that is not happening
burning issue must be answered quckly
it's getting dark. don't worry about us, we have this habit
in the final analysis, about what is true in a situation
about a complaint
show some interest over something important
many are not able to understand speech or writing because of damage to the brain
"gorkha live in la-la-land and sing gorkhaland
then they elect murkha, so murkhaland happen''
that is to say dhongi always happen'
wait until you know all the facts before forming an opinion or a judgment
stay or go, your will,
kamikaze pilot, do-not jump out of an aircraft
but i'm a different person when i'm offline
and i take no hit or kick after im-out.
mailey 'v' bhanda timiley 'b' bujyo baney mero k dosh- mailey k garna sakchu.
teskaran sidhai ' sidhai', dongi lai namastey, ultaa haath ley.'
*jhataro ley katai kasailai lagera riss uthyo bhaney- ra kei marnu mann lagyo bhaney
go to the toilet and murder that cigarette!

Saturday, 1 September 2018

yadd rakha! samaj ko kira ley garda aauney pidi lai pira hola (*promoting and defending our common interest.)

sayad. bau-bajey ley bhanako ghar bayera hola, ghar purano lagna thaleko
tyo samay ko naya, 'thikai ko' ramrai thiyo.tara
ek samai ko naya, aauney samai ma purano baihal cha
sayad samay ko maang hola, sayad  management structure outdated bhayera hola
sakey tesailey naya gar bhanauney iccha jageyko hola.

charai tira aali hawa chaldai ta cha, hawa lay bhandaicha
dherai design ko garharu aakha aagari  tanna cha.
yo hawa ko dar. naya ghar ko rahar. faida key hawa ley uthau dai cha
( thikai cha, ta faida utha kasailai nachuta, hami lai nafuta)
''jawanima tattera. manis ko bhirma mattera
aarulai laat handai nahinnu.
baagnu parla aattera- satto gayera marla." 

manau gar ferey, 'garma basney manis pani ta ferin dai cha'
tara k faida hola jaba gar naya, bitra basney ko anuhar matra ferda. 
kasto ghar banauney. lu bhana ta
ko-ko basney, ko-ko hasney, ko-ko runey , malai sunau ta
chinna ta saal ma ek palta aauney sirak wala lai pani sabai ley chincha.
k teslai ghar jimma diney. key ma hasau ta.
malai tha cha ' two wrongs don't make a right'
'bhanna manpardaina' tara jyada bo-tero galti dherai bo' abo suna
((bahira ko haru yaha dhamass pitney kam chaina
dherai adhikar khai sakis. ajai....
adhikar chayo bhaney afno thauma gayera mangney.))
'yo chai counter-argument
there will be no compromise, mate.sorry to say.
you are on the wrong side of the law'.

samaj ko kira ley garda aauney pidi lai pira hola
yaha, key, ko , kaha .  aafai hos gara
hawa ko saath liyera hawa ko gaff nagara
ko katiko, ko bholi ko. lu herum ta  (tyo khel timi aafai eklai khela)
aaja aauney hawa boli pani aaula, timi socha ta.
samaj ko kira ley garda aauney pidi lai pira hola. yad rakha

ko chor, ka-katiwata. ko sadharan, ko neta . tyo khel timi aafai eklai khela
ko k.t ko k.ta.. kas-kas lai bhannu 'to jastai cha charai tira
pahila aafai lai hera ta. timi mero bato chora ta 
don't cheat.sacho boll ta, baru talai ma chocolates diula
tero ideology, mero galti,idiot-logic hatau ta. timi hoss gara     
timi tei purano bato pachaudai chas. ta hatta ta.
hawa ley timro gar bhatkae pani
timlai shaha-yata aawashaei garaula. tyo mero manauta.

hijo ko banauney tarika, badlindaicha
hijo dekhauney-hasauney-ramita, sabai yaad cha
ek samai ko naya, aauney samai ma purano baihal cha
tha-cha 'samaj ko kira ley garda aauney pidi lai pira huncha'
hawa ley timro gar bhatkae pani
timlai shaha-yata aawashaei garaula. tyo mero manauta.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

[ just drag-on, because you are dragon.] \Drag-on 'my draon'. { I }

they are so dark. we have to walk at night
they will (might) sucks your blood,  don't get attracted to light
oh no, the virus has been going around
don;t let them try to drag you down
turn around,there's no one
hear a sound of every second,we are on extinction

oh, lighten up! you less serious
father, i can't see farther, the fog's so thick,
you say 'walk untill the sky become less dark'
father and brothers , this is not working'
how can i , you are facing in the opposite direction
that is your 'an imaginary world
congratulation! you break me down

they can't advertise the fact
put a notice in the local shop
they are going to fall slowly to the underground
oh, don't worry. time makes the world go round
soon you'll get the crown of thorns.

do not escape  from reality
do not steal the money in order to give it to (aafailai) charity
speak but do not make speech like 'kuch vhi'
yeah, we can see who is doing jabardasti'
do not create an imaginary fears
 'animals started suiciding' against it.
what do you wants from us
put handcuffs on me
but please stop doing that funny things.
pin se!

oh dear, that's a shame
what will happen as a result
you don't cut, you only collect a crop
you don't looks like the real thing
you wouldn't last a minute in the real world.
do not give  your opinions, or beliefs
consider the facts about a situation and
just accept you never try to save this land,
so please return after a sum of time
and be an anjell in hell
if not real be a true dhokbu.

you are not the only good interpreter
you only achieve what you hoped for
just look around and up, why you hopes for the future...

consider this only in its context
im gonna hang up now
if this is not real- please
you can help explain it.

this is your chuju
and this is my independent judgement. wait for page (ii)
over and out.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

T.N.T ( Tenkilakha. Nindi. Tokchi)

( Tenkilakha. Nindi. Tokchi)

 (from left to right , from right to left
TNT.  'my place'
swarga it is - domiciled by Rai ,Gurung and Sherpa.)
Im hearing 'moo' and 'bow-wow' '
TNT- 'i'm receiving you loud and clear
im recording according to received wisdom
im experiencing organic growth.

there is differences within a group,
i'm not sure about you
i  follow you not to harm you'
so please don't call me that and that..
i follow your culture, i celebrate most festivals,
i speak your language, i also worship your god.
to be naked 'i mix the customs of different groups of people to make it better for all
Now Dont-_Don't call me communal.

my people is selling their place 'they cause damage to my place'
'know-how', see it for a second time, try to inject this little wisdom
first; you tunnel under the mountain,than you went into the tunnel
'not-now', now you want to make your way out, because it collapsed
'now-how', 'you are trapped, at last you wished you could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
i'll tell you now!' you are a fool'
you did fool things this time. This is my judgments.

ofcourse! things is different from the way it was in the past
but result will only be known in the future,
i shouldn't act this way, they have an advantage
i made a lot of efforts but you only threw bullet,now IM not afraid
that *ucking bullet missed my heart
that made me write in an honest way without trying to be kind.

i'm not made of money!
you need not act funny,
don't make your kind fools
your garbage talks is making me sick(ee)
I don't. Do you know all the rules?
the earth and all the people, places and things on it
learn about the ways of the world 'you're very young'
let me guess,you belong to the toilet

they had taken offensive action
it irritates me the way irritates rates have risen by continuing percentage%
im bona fide, to fight them i need no chemical weapon.
just know 'they launched the attack first
i have no choice but to defend myself
your point taken- expressing bad/good influence in return.

affected by you in and often negative way
now the situation reached breaking point'
i see no use in discussing this further
and sorry that i have to express bad feelings
in a very clear way with details
that bullet made a hole right through my chest
think your own thoughts- 'No hate'.

they won't thank me, no not a bit of it
and i don't even expect. they want to be on the safe side,
that is that, you are surrounded by me on all sides
you keep on looking 'im on the bright side'.
      but they are going to crucify me if i fail now
      so i'll be fast when it's last lap
      without being certain i'll make certain that it happens successfully. 

Monday, 30 April 2018

Black Clouds

All those who click on 3Ws dot sherpawhopause dot blogspot dot com
say "Aye".
All those who eat-beat others in order to live please die
All those 'you and me' who thinks UNB invent things say "Aye"
All those who tapped foot on his beat say "Hi" 'pray-pay subscribe'.

it's a long journey
started from the bottom of the Mariana trench 
aiming to the top of Mount Everest,
im  fairly slow so far
so far i did'nt wear coat so i  feel so cold
and i don't know when this will go
 i made a fire 'i watched years of my life,in flames
but i can't see into the distance'
this is something i do not want to experience
cold  men cannot tell tales,
i've been carrying unhappy experiences
i think tough months will drive me to an early grave
it's a long journey
and i'm already loosing my energy'
it seems i'll be punished forever
to tackle i have no magical power
tears in the air is drop dead in the water
am i a disaster
or is it planned by a power.   

the journey was made on foot
and i didn't see you there
All right, so i made mistakes 0' direct
is it rude! or is it too honest!.
life's a multiple-choice test
here i  press the wrong button, there is this harmful development'
i moved in the darkness,i never had an interest
but didn't i behave in a responsible way
didn't i consider your's feelings,
please accept the truth that  false is not the truth       
for my sins i will stay in hell
no one can escape being criticized,that's our sins 
am i stupid idiot

 i couldn't see anything in a crowd                                                                                                             so i made the journey from ocean towards cloud
unable to fly,the cloud disappeared behind a cloud
i searched the way, but it was nowhere to be found

this is a drug that makes my mind more active
i did something which i have no intention of doing it
I'm seeing effect on the future 'negative'
 i deserve it,i express my emotion
it is just thoughts, i have no intention to get your attention
god will  introduce "Black Clouds"at the right time.